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Regulated Services

We support our SU’s with various aspect of care needs and we recognise that everyone has different presentation, needs and preference, as such; we conduct holistic risk assessment that covers internal and external factors. Our risk assessment and feedback mechanism are continuous and as needed, this enable us to continuously provide quality and safe care that meet our SU’s changing needs and enabled our staffs to carry on their duties and support our SU’s in delivering care and treatment in a safe environment.

In addition to internal and external risk assessment we will ensure our staffs are adequately trained and provides effective induction that encompassed our values of quality, safe care and treatment in delivering support such as; communication, support with pressure ulcer, support with continence and using the toilet, MCA 2005, Challenging behaviour, preparing meal, Eating and drinking, washing and bathing and any other need as required. Where required we will encourage our SU’s independence to carry on with aspect of ADLs with little unobtrusive support or as recommended in the SU’s care plan.