Aims and Objectives

Temp37 Healthcare  is a diverse agency working to improve and promote better health care across its (sectors), our staffs are qualify professionals and well trained to provide and promote the best quality of care for a better quality of life and independence to our clients in a safe environment and friendly manner. We provide personal care services such as; help with getting in and out of bed, washing, dressing, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and feeding and strive as a team to achieve and deliver the best care package to our clients whether in their  own homes, hospital or in a residential homes. Our staffs are also trained in observing the ABC of care (Air, Breathing and Circulation), and vital signs monitoring, such as; temperature, pulse, saturation level, blood-pressure, and respiratory.  

 Recruitment and selection

Our rigorous recruitment and selection process ensure we have the right mix of professional, friendly and qualify staffs, with attributes of Tolerance to work harmoniously within our culture of putting the patient/service user first with non-prejudice to a person’s sexual orientation, race, religion or age. We promote a culture of honesty, openness, transparency and accountability.

 Whiles providing care, we believe our client to be comfortable, happy and have trust and confidence in the person delivering care, that's why we have built a strong HR department to emphasis our ethos on delivering (quality, safeguarding, confidentiality, discrimination and right to choice for our clients), throughout The recruitment and selection process.

To ensure the security and safety of our clients/service users, all staffs must undergo an Enhance Disclosure with the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).  We also demand our staffs not only have the right skills and qualification necessary for the delivery of care in accordance with CQC

(Health and social care Act 2008), but also possesses empathy, compassion and respect for clients.

At Temp37 Healthcare , we also believe in order for our staffs to deliver the best service and stay in- line with our ethos, a confidence, passionate and happy team is needed, that's why we have a very strong and rich policy on job satisfaction and retaining of staffs.

FITNESS OF STAFF - we will ensure our employee's are fit for work, by accessing their character, skills, qualification and experience. We will also ensure they are physically and mentally able to understand and carry out their task/role as expected.

Health and Safety

 We mandatorily demand our staffs and service user’s familiar themselves with our health and safety polices in a regular bases, we will comply with the safety standards set out in the Essential standards and quality and safety regulations set out by the CQC.

You will be provided with an annual training to create an increases and renewed awareness of relevant health and safety legislation such as COSH and DIDDOR, and to identify your role and roles and responsibility of others in regards to COSH, RIDDOR and RISK ASSESSMENTS.

Caldicott Principles – we are committed to adhere to the caldicott Principles as such the principles set out in the Caldicott Protocol are to ensure health and social care organisations review and disseminate information about patients and service users rapidly and extensively.

The goal and outcome of the annual training will be;

To create an increased awareness of the Caldicott principles and handling of patients identifiable information lawfully and fairly.

Your roles and responsibility and the responsibilities of others in relation to the Caldicott Principles, and the handling of patient identifiable information.  

 Education and development

Our staffs are knowledgeable in various areas including but not limited to the principles of care, infection control, health & safety at work, Risk assessments, information governance, personal hygiene, Moving & Handling, Hand hygiene, vital sign monitoring, documentation, medication awareness, dementia, communication skills and complaint handing. We believe and emphasis on continues education and development, that’s why we ensure our staffs are all up to date with training and development that will empower them to continue providing care confidently  and diligently for our patients/service users.  

 ​​Performance assessment

We have develop an approach of "360 degree of communication", with this approach we listen, learn and provide full support, as such we regularly have a one to one meeting with staffs to know how they are getting on with duties, address concerns and what challenges staffs are facing at every level of performance. Upon such assessment, where needed we will advise, train or re-training with full support and provide adequate resources to achieve full job satisfaction.


 This is a constitution we hold high in our values and ethos, at QS&A we understand the implications and detrimental effects if the right to choice is taken away from us, that's why we have made it a must to explain these rights of choice and to tailored made care centred according our service user needs, we will involve and support service user in every aspect of their needs, including planning and delivering such needs/care with informed choice.

We will strive to encourage our service users to exercise their right to choice including; privacy, dignity, independence, security, human rights, fulfilment, quality, equality and diversity.  We will also use “360 degree of communication", where we have a one to one meeting with service users to get feedback, concerns, challenges, and re-assessment of care needs, in doing so we aim to involve our service users in having a say and choice in every aspect of their care needs, safety, security and what needs to be added to make service user experience and the care we provide much better and meet customer needs.

Social isolation

We promote and support the reduction of social isolation; as such we encourage our client/service users where appropriate to live an active independence lifestyle. Our staffs are well equipped with such skills to empower an active lifestyle so our service users/clients can engage and connect with the community. Because the introduction and use of new equipment and training is essential to the confidence of our team, we have ensured our staffs are all up to date with all industry equipment and technology needed in the delivery of care.

Duty  of candour

In accordance with our truthfulness and openness policy and patients first and foremost policy, we are open to "service user's and their families about all  activities, policies, duty of care, and any failing within our organisation that have affected the quality and safety of care", (CQC duty of candour -, and give details of why these failings happened. We believe in identifying and resolving problems quickly, as such we are committed to the "statutory duty of candour".


We comply with all legislation/Acts within our sector and strive in keeping our staffs up to date with all government legislation, and keep patients/service users informed of such legislation as it affect them. We will adhere to all employment laws, and update as appropriate.